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Dentist Office

Dental Anxiety

Fear of going to the dentist is really more common than you might think. A lot of folks suppose all dentists are still working back in the dark ages. You know, like when they had drills that sounded like something out of your dad’s machine shop. 


Dr. Bares and his team of hygienists at Forreston Dental make you feel right at home. They calm your nerves and explain exactly what they’re going to do before starting any treatment. Having them tell you why a certain procedure needs to be done helps clear up any confusion or apprehension. You tell them how you’re feeling and what hurts. And…they listen!


Forreston Dental has wisely invested in the latest technology that can actually cut the time you spend in the chair and they use all the latest pain management techniques. Get out the headphones… relax… listen to your favorite tunes and you’re good to go.

Dentophobia is a very common
fear in the U.S.


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